Digital Asset Sustainable Mining Certificate

Achieve Capital Growth with Crypto Asset Mining Equipment

Investment Objective

The investment objective of the actively managed Certificate (AMC) is to achieve capital growth by investing in crypto asset mining equipment that is environmentally friendy, which yields a return from mined tokens (“block rewards”) and transaction fees of the underlying blockchain.

The accumulated crypto assets are actively managed across the lifetime of the AMC – allowing for profit taking in times of rising markets and downside protection in adverse market environments.

Unique Features


Political Stability

Our sites in Tier 1 countries have excellent infrastructure available while Norway itself is one of the safe and politically most stable countries - minimizing risks for investors.


100% Renewable Energy

We power our machines exclusively through hydropower. Renewable hydroelectric power supply represents the way to sustainable, low cost and fully ESG compliant mining.


Low Electricity Costs

100MW of electricity available at ultra low costs starting from (0.015 USDc/kwh), directly resulting in superior investment returns for investors.