Conveniently Tap into Crypto Asset Liquidity at Highly Competitive Pricing.

Our boutique Bitcoin brokerage is a Swiss financial intermediary that enables direct participation for professional clients through a tailored trade solution for the emerging crypto asset class. We provide same day trade execution from receipt of fiat by us to you having your crypto assets in your wallet.

Features of our Brokerage


Operational Excellence

We have selected the best banking and liquidity partners available in the market. As such, we are able to reliably settle crypto asset purchases within 2 hours of receipt of fiat funds.


Tailored Solutions

We listen to you and understand your needs. Combined with our expertise in traditional and emerging markets, we provide you with the best solution for you.

SRO Membership

As a member of the VQF - a Swiss self-regulatory organization in Switzerland - we are committed to ensuring compliance with regulatory Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements.

24/7 Trading

Our inhouse trading interface for Telegram allows clients to trade the most liquid crypto assets 24/7 with maximal automation and convenience for our clients.


Maximum Transparency

We provide you with full transparency on every step in the transaction.

Full Flexibility

We accept over 30 fiat currencies and trade most crypto asset pairs, excluding security and privacy tokens.

Brokerage Procedure

  • 1. You tell us how we can help you.

    Tell us about your needs so we can optimize our offering and pricing for you. Important information includes basic information on you / your company, transaction sizes and frequencies as well as required coins / currencies.

  • 2. We provide you a tailormade offer.

    Based on the information you provided us with, we provide you a service offering that suits your needs. Depending on the transaction setup (one-off vs recurring), we provide you with a pricing scheme.

  • 3. Fast and guided onboarding process.

    Our questionnaire conveniently guides you through the onboarding process, avoiding unnecessary loop backs and inefficiencies.

  • 4. Your receive settlement details for funding.

    Once we received your documentation and approved you, we will share with you our settlement addresses so you can start funding your account in the desired coins or currencies.

  • 5. When funded, we await your trading instructions.

    Funds you sent us can be traded within 1 hour of receipt. Depending on your needs, you can trade 24/7 via our trading interface in Telegram or during office hours with one of our human traders in Switzerland.

  • 6. Post-trading activities

    We automatically provide you with the required trade documentation after trade execution. Although we recommend settling the trade proceeds immediately, we can provide you with bespoke storage services for certain crypto assets.